Monday, January 30, 2006

What a dreary Monday morning. Landon is right about having fresh produce in our house every week--it certainly beautifies the kitchen, not to mention makes for a healthy diet!

Later today, I'm going to cash in on a free 8x10 portrait of Samuel. I've received two postcards from two different photography businesses offering a free 8x10 for his birthday. I have to be strong, however, because they always want to sell me about 100 dollars worth of photos, but I just politely say, "No thanks, I'll just take the free 8x10."

I've been thinking about this time last year again, and I remember that I really thought there was a good possibility that I would have a January baby...little did I know, I still had 12 days to go!

By the way, WHY is James Frey's fictional memoir #2 on the NY Times best-seller list for paperback non-fiction? As a lying con-artist, I really don't think he deserves to be any richer than he already is. He should not be #2 (does America care that he passed off fiction as non-fiction?), and his fictional memoir should not be on the Times list of non-fiction bestsellers--it's fiction!!

Stop rewarding a con-artist--don't buy his book!

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