Sunday, January 29, 2006
We went to McMinnville today to celebrate Mike & Haelie's birthdays. We'll miss Haelie! Her Mom is moving down to CA, so I'm not quite sure how much we will see her in the future. She will be able to make Samuel's birthday party in two weeks, though--and, by the way, I'm really looking forward to celebrating Samuel's first birthday & the achievement of Landon & I making it successfully through the first year of parenthood!

Another RAINY day! It poured really hard during the drive down to McMinnville, and there was lots of noticeable flooding. One jerk in a Mustang passed us at 80mph. I was going about 60mph in the slow lane. There was lots of standing water & high winds. Unfortunately, by the time that guy in the Mustang learns his lesson some day, it will be too late.

I took Cindy out for her 31st birthday tonight! She was sick (poor thing) on her birthday, so didn't get to do very much this year. I'm proud of her--she's going to be finished with her masters degree very soon and will be the best art teacher around!



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