Saturday, January 14, 2006
We had a fifteen minute time-period today in which the sun was shining! It felt great after 27 out of the past 28 days that have been cold, dank, and rainy. January 4th was the exception! I got out and pruned my hydrangeas, which were in desparate need of pruning. I really should have pruned them months ago, but some gardening chores have been sorely delayed this year due to having a baby around the house!

I'm really looking forward to brighter & sunnier days ahead!

Last year, when I gave birth to Samuel, it was bright & sunny all of February and most of March. It was amazing. I certainly can't hope for the same luck this year--2006--but, please, God, can we at least have a few!?? :)


P.S. See for a picture of Samuel outdoors today--his very first walk outside!


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