Sunday, January 15, 2006
Still feeling a bit under the weather, but each day we feel a little better. Stayed in most of the morning, then went to get groceries. Samuel has been such a good boy this whole week, despite the fact that he has been sick along with Landon and I.

I found a new artist I think I'm going to like--Kathleen Edwards (folk).

I plan to stay in all week! I just need a break from the flu & cold germs that are out there! It seems like every time we've gone out the past few weeks, we've contracted whatever random virus is floating around that day.

I guess since this is my first year around other kids, I'm getting sick as often as Samuel. Will it always be this way? I have a feeling I'm in for a lot more illnesses & colds than I've ever had so far in adulthood. The last nausea/vomiting flu I had was when I was 18--that was 11 years ago. Other than that, I tend to get one or two colds at the most per year. So far, I've had two flu viruses & three or four colds in the past few months, and Samuel has had five colds & one flu virus since he has been seven months old.

Here's to wellness this week!



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