Tuesday, January 17, 2006
Spring will be here soon!

According to French legend, if a ladybug lands on you, whatever problems or sickness you may have will fly away with the ladybug. In Brittany, a region in northwestern France, people say the arrival of ladybugs in spring means good weather is coming soon! (CD jacket of Putumayo Kids Presents French Playground)

En France, la legende dit que si une coccinelle vient se poser sur vous, tous vos chagrins et vos problemes s'envoleront avec elle. En Bretagne, dans le nord-ouest de la France, on dit que la venue des coccinelles au printemps annonce l'arrivee des beaux jours!

This week, I am focusing on getting the cats updated on their vaccines & groomed. Each day, I take care of one cat, which means four days total, because one day for each cat for their vet care, then one day each for grooming. I only have so many hands! So, as of today, Felix has been vaccinated!

Spring will be here soon!

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