Spring, Frey, and Fry

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Starting off on an exciting note, spring is just around the corner folks! Granted, these are potted bulbs (daffodils & crocuses) which I purchased from Trader Joe's that had a jump-start in a nursery. For $5.99, I feel happy every time I walk by them in my living room window, because these blooming flowers are a promise that spring is coming, even though the unrelentless rain keeps the outdoors damp, cold, and grey.

So, remember this week when you feel sad about the grey skies and Oregon winter-rain that spring is coming, and the sun will return! The garden might look dismal and resemble a mud pit by this point, but the perennials are there, and your garden will look beautiful very soon!

Now, onto Frey.

He seems to be paying a higher price than being shamed on national television by Oprah. Lawyers have now begun filing consumer-fraud lawsuits against Random House--one in the amount of 10 million. Random House has said they will offer refunds to readers who are dissatisfied with the book, as is their policy. Washington attorney Michael David Myers, however, wants to file a civil suit against Random House asking that they pay Washington consumers not only for the cost of the book, but for the time they spent reading the book. This would include every consumer who purchased the book on Amazon.com as well, since the company is based in Seattle.

Talese, who is Senior VP of Doubleday and Publisher and Editorial Director of Nan A. Talese/Doubleday still asserts that publishing is based on trust-relationship with the author, and that no publisher has the time to fact-check everything in non-fictional manuscripts. My opinion on her comment is that the standards of the publishing of non-fiction need to be raised. The trust-relationship doesn't work anymore. There should be fact-checkers within the publishing industry. Frey's lies could have been verified by police reports & medical records. Easy facts to check. Hopefully, the Frey example will encourage the publishing industry to raise the standards.

Now, onto the other fry: our clown loaches had two more fry, bringing the total in our aquarium to six! They're so cute!

Looks like Brokeback Mountain is up for 8 Oscar nominations. Pretty disappointing--I think there are a lot of other movies that deserve more Oscar attention. I'm just not a Heath Ledger fan, personally, or a fan of dramatic westerns.

Lastly, but most importantly, I want to remember Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King, JR., who died in her sleep last night. What a leader she was in the civil rights movement. The legacy of the Kings will not be soon forgotten!

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