Thursday, January 19, 2006
One thing I like about myself is that I am spontaneous, but make good decisions in a spontaneous moment. I decided just this morning that I wanted to start painting today, because we want to get the inside of the house finished to possibly put our house on the market this year. I was at Sherwin Williams looking at the beautiful color swatches by Martha Stewart when I came across a beautiful blue color that I just had to have somewhere in our house. So, lo and behold, by the time Landon came home from work today--our half-bath had undergone a color change.

A bathroom should be a restful, peaceful place. It shouldn't be boring and dull. It should have special things in it--including really nice lotion & hand soaps. If it is big enough, it should have a nice case for linens. A bathroom should be a restroom--a place of rest for a weary party guest. A bathroom should ellicit a feeling of wanting to stay awhile. People do use bathrooms as escape rooms from others--so, it should be a nice place to visit. I have a lot of opinions about how a bathroom should be and how a bathroom should look. Having said that, I have been completely dissatisfied with both of our bathrooms, and I dislike having to visit both of them! One mistake I made late last year was painting our half-bath a dull earth tone. We had some drywall repair in there recently which meant we needed to do some touch-up work in there, so today I decided to hell with the earth tone (even though it was just put on in early September)--time for a new color to brighten things up in there!

So, my goal is to make the half-bath, which is what our guests use when they visit, a nicer place to visit. The blue will be bright & cheery, but restful at the same time. With some tasteful art, some nice lotion, and a scented hand soap, our half-bath will hopefully help our guests to feel better for having visited it. :) Karli


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