Monday, January 16, 2006
Okay, what's up with Brokeback Mountain winning like every category tonight? Geez! Spielberg totally deserved best director. At least Reese Witherspoon & Joaquin Phoenix each took home a Golden Globe for Walk the Line. I was sorry to see Desperate Housewives, which is totally lame, win another category for the second year in a row. Aside from Felicity Huffman, I don't know that those women really do have it going on. Especially not Nicolette Sheridan for going back to Michael Bolton!


I drove all the way to get my car smog-checked today (these DEQ places are always in the middle of nowhere!), and the sign says Closed Mondays. WHY? Why would they be closed Mondays? That's really lame! After I drove away, I realized it would have been closed today anyway seeing as it's Dr. King's observed birthday and all, but this sign says they are closed every Monday.

It's so lame how much rain we've had!

It's also lame that I'm up at 1am blogging when I should be sleeping. Insomnia, insomnia...

I did get a lot accomplished this morning around the house. I even organized the utility closet! I put all the pledge bottles together, the windex together, the simple green, etc. We seem to have collected two or three bottles of each cleaner, so I organized them by cleaner & by how often I use them. Cleaners I don't use very often went to the far right, and cleaners I use all the time go on the far left. So, Landon, please remember!

Samuel was SUCH a good boy today! He didn't cry, went down for his naps, and played happily all day. He must be as glad as Landon and I are to be feeling well again!



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