Tuesday, January 10, 2006

I bought fresh flowers for the house yesterday at Wild Oats, but little did I know yesterday how nice it would be to have flowers around this week! At about 3:45am this morning, I woke up with extreme nausea, and made a mad dash for the bathroom. After vomiting every 40 minutes or so until about 11am, I finally decided I needed to go to urgent care, because I wasn't even able to hold down sips of water, and I was afraid I would become very dehyrdated! After waiting for 30 minutes to be seen at the urgent care office, we were sent to the ER so I could be put on intravenous fluids for dehydration. We had to wait for 3 hours in the ER, and I felt like I wanted to die, I was that sick! I laid on the couch counting every minute. It truly was the longest 3 hours of my entire life.

Finally, some medical assistant guy called my name "Kari." I was like, "It's Karli." He just ignored me and kept walking. He was very rude! He dumped us off in a room and said he'd be right back, and never came back.

Then, a woman from registration came by and for the third time that day tried to register me and collect our insurance information. After registering me while I was laying on the bed ready to vomit at any moment, she said something like, "Do you have a fever?" I said, "It is elevated, but I don't have a fever." She said, "I need to know if you have a fever or not, because if you have a fever, then I can't give you a blanket, but if you don't have a fever, then I can give you a blanket--do you want a blanket?" I said, "Yes, I want a blanket, I'm freezing!" She said, "But, I can't give you one unless I know for sure that you don't have a fever." I felt like screaming at her, "Why don't you check my damn chart, lady!?" My temperature had been taken about three times already that day and was recorded in my chart notes. I finally looked at her and said, "I don't have a fever. I am freezing. Yes, I want a blanket." I was so sick, and by now it was nearly 3:30pm, and I still had not been given any fluids, was sicker than a dog, and had no patience for her annoying line of correspondance!

Shortly after this, a man walked in and I could have sworn his badge said "John/Registration." He was looking at me and asking how I was, and I was peering at his badge. Finally, I saw that it did not say "John/Registration" but "John/Physician." I said to him, "Sorry, but I thought you were someone from registration again and I was about to get really angry." He laughed and patted my leg, then got a nurse to start an IV. I was given 3 bags of intravenous fluids as well as a dose of anti-nausea medication. Finally, by 7pm, we were discharged. I was feeling only slightly better. We were given a prescription, which meant at least another hour, so Landon took me home.

Landon had struggled for 8 hours with Samuel, who was a very good boy, in the urgent care offices as well as the ER. We hadn't realized it was going to be an all-day event. Samuel and Landon went to Walgreen's to get me my prescription for anti-nausea tablets, and I slept the whole time.

Landon got up again at 3am to give me another dose of my anti-nausea medication. At least I wasn't throwing up anymore! However, the side-effect to this medication was that it completely knocks you out! I also had crazy dreams all night long and bordered on hallucinations. That part I did not like at all, but I didn't mind sleeping. I still nursed Samuel off and on all night long, and he slept with me, while Landon slept out in the living room on the futon.

Today was such a long and painful day. A day I hope not to repeat any time soon.

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