Monday, January 09, 2006

Here's my bouncing baby boy--the joy of my life! He is modeling his new overalls, which we got for about $3.00 on Sunday when we went consignment shopping. I love them!

I'm feeling great today! This year, 2006, has gotten off to a GREAT start! Landon and I are discovering all sorts of new bands, which is adding more spice to our lives. I'll credit the purchases of our ipods to this newly developed interested in music. Of course, we have always been interested in music--heck, Landon's a musician, after all--but, I think both Landon and I were stuck in a rut. We're out of the rut now!

In addition, this is the year we'll most likely be moving, which is exciting and sad all at the same time. Both of us will have a difficult time leaving this property, and it will always hold special memories for us. I always remind myself that the memory makers are us--and, we'll be taking ourselves when we move. But, there is something about a place independent of the memory-makers that makes that place forever special. So, it will be a bittersweet departure from this property, and I will grieve over my special plants that will remain in the garden, and hope that the new owners will love our garden like we do.

Another thing I'm super happy about is that I'm 7lbs. less than my pre-pregnancy weight! What a great way to start the new year! I'm wearing jeans that I haven't been able to wear for five years! I'm super proud of myself for losing the baby weight (I gained over 55lbs. during my pregnancy with Samuel). Just before delivering Samuel I weighed in at about 195 lbs. I'm now about 133lbs and wearing a size 8. Okay, enough bragging! Did I say I was just a wee bit proud? I guess it shows...

Lastly, I'm just so happy with my life. Landon and Samuel make me very happy, and somehow amidst this crazy world, I am finding inner peace, joy, and contentment, and that makes me the happiest of all!


P.S. It is my goal to take at least one picture every day for this blog, so the day will not only be captured with a blog entry, but with a photo as well. Posted by Picasa


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