Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dreaming Baby...

Well, I had a terrible time getting to sleep last night, so I only had about four hours of sleep in all. I had to get out of the house early this morning to meet a couple of moms at Grand Central before heading to the open play-gym, which Samuel loves. He tries to play with the 'big kids' that are about four and five years old. He runs through the whole gym, and only references me every so often. He is very well-adjusted, and I'm starting to see the benefits of attachment parenting. You can tell he trusts that I will respond if there is a problem, which is why he is so comfortable going so far away from me. That, and he has a very inquisitive and adventurous personality-type.

When Samuel got home, he took a nap, and I caught up on some things around here.

Landon made dinner once again!

I tried out a book-club through a Mom I met, and loved it! So, I'm now a member of a book-club. I think this will be a nice outlet for me as a stay-at-home Mom, as well as keep me reading! Posted by Picasa


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