Tuesday, August 09, 2005
A yuppie food stamp is a crisp US$20 note issued by an ATM machine.

Today is Tuesday and I was feeling stressed out that our contractor did not call us last night! I was doing the dishes and thinking how stressed I was when the phone rang, and, perfect timing though it was, it was our contractor! He is going to drop the estimate off on Thursday morning, so I am stressed no longer.

I went to a playgroup this afternoon with Samuel in SW. It was fun. There were 4 of us altogether, and Samuel had a good time chasing after a dog called Sierra. In fact, he was more interested in the dog than he was in the other babies. 2 of the babies were just 3 months, though, and Samuel will be 6 months tomorrow, so the age difference is very noticeable at this age. At 6 and 9 months, it probably won't be that noticeable at all!



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