Friday, August 05, 2005

Today was the Qualcomm picnic! It started at around 12pm at Oak's Park. Not a lot of people came, but we had a lot of fun with those that did come. Landon went on the bumper cars & go-carts. I stayed with Samuel and chose not to go on any of the rides. Damien went on the Screamin' Eagle, and that looked pretty scary to me. I used to like going on all the scary rides, but the last few times I've tried them, I've felt very sick! I think as I've gotten older, my body just doesn't take the flips & jerks like it used to! Landon went on the roller coaster, too, but commented on how jerky it was. It was a pretty small roller coaster, anyway--unlike the one I went on in CA two years ago! That one was so scary that I couldn't open my eyes the whole time! Before the picnic, I went to the dentist this morning, because I'm having tooth pain & temperature sensitivity again. I don't trust my dentist, though, so I'm looking into getting a second opinion before I let him drill on me again. I'm not convinced that root canal I had to have done would have been necessary if another dentist had done the drilling! I'm just not too happy with this office anymore or the new dentist. I don't feel like they are very professional, either--especially the dentist himself. After the picnic, we went to Mike & Susan's, because she wanted us to come over for dinner. She made a shrimp linguine w/ a green salad & boiled corn on the cob. Corn is very good this year! I had 3 cobs! Samuel was a good boy this evening, especially for how busy we were all day. Tomorrow is going to be just as busy if not more so!


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