Thursday, August 04, 2005
Today was our second to last moms' group. The moms' group is for babies up to 6 months, and Samuel will be 6 months (already!) next week! I'll miss the weekly meeting, but I am glad that I have the playgroup that we can go to. I called my dentist this evening and left a message to see if I can get in to see him tomorrow morning. Another molar is starting to bother me, and the tooth that I had the root canal in still hurts--how is that possible!??

One exciting thing about today is that Samuel had rice cereal for the very first time! At first, he seemed to really like it, then he made faces when we gave it to him. I hope he likes it more tomorrow! I'm going to try to give him some every morning this week, then discuss with his pediatrician next Thursday about what the next solid is that we should introduce & how much.



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