Sunday, August 07, 2005

I was so tired this morning from a busy weekend that I didn't get much, if anything, accomplished this morning. Around noon, we had lunch, then left for the waterfront. We walked up the west side, crossed over to the east side, then walked down the east side heading south. Then, we crossed back over to the west side via the Hawthorne Bridge, walked around in downtown Portland, then headed back to the car. We came home to eat some dinner, then went and got our weekly groceries, which meant two stops--Trader Joe's & Fred Meyer. We like the Trader Joe's coffee a little better, plus it is a lot cheaper! We also get cereal there and some other odd and end things. We watched old Law & Order episodes this evening and took it easy after we got home from getting groceries. Samuel was a lot of fun tonight. He is just about crawling now!


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