Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I couldn't wait to leave the house today to go to playgroup with Samuel. He has been so fussy lately! I can't wait until he cuts those teeth! He's been teething now for about two months, but the past week has by far been the worse of it. He seems to not fuss as much when we are on the go, which is why I was looking forward to leaving the house today. Tongiht, I made a pork loin roast w/ mashed potatoes. I seasoned the roast with cayenne pepper, sugar, salt, pepper, rosemary, and minced garlic. It was very good! It turned out perfect. I put a instant thermometer inside the roast and pulled it from the oven when it reached 150 degrees. The cookbook recommends anywhere between 145 and 150 degrees. It was perfect! A very nice meal. Now, we are getting ready to go for an evening walk. Samuel loves it, and anything that pacifies him at this point is worth the while, plus I could use the exercise! Karli


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