Wednesday, August 10, 2005
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Though a Bohemian is a native of the Czech province of Bohemia, a secondary meaning for bohemian emerged in 19th century France. The term was used to describe artists, writers, and disenchanted people of all sorts who wished to live non-traditional lifestyles.

Let's see--tonight was a little stressful for me! It took me 45 minutes to get Samuel down for the night. He was all over, too! He got into the CD's, which Landon moved to a higher shelf, pulled the telephone to the floor, and tried to touch the lights in the tower of our computer! We went for a walk for about 90 minutes in SW off Vermont & 45th Avenue.

If you are wondering what the definition is all about, I am thinking about posting interesting definitions from time to time from a very interesting website called Wikipedia. The link is posted below:

I spent the afternoon today getting paperwork assembled for our 2nd mortgage that will help us finance the addition.

Right now, I am trying to relax after a challenging past 45 minutes with Samuel and am listening to the free MP3's of the band called Foghorn String Band. I want to order their CD's. Their 3rd CD is due to be released on Nettwerk Labels on Aug. 17th.

For now, Goodnight!
P.S. Happy 6 Month Birthday, little Samuel!


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