Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tonight was a little disappointing, because the contractor double-booked, so didn't show up at 6pm, like we had anticipated. He felt really bad, so we have now rescheduled for Friday at 6pm. Landon made a really good pasta dish tonight, and then we watched a couple episodes of Twin Peaks (1990). I didn't really like it, so I gave it 2 stars, and I am going to take it off the Netflix list. Other than that, I spent about an hour tonight digging up the rhizomes of the physalis that in one year so aggressively started taking over my yard. I didn't know it was an aggressive plant. I saved the mother plant, and am going to keep it in a pot until I can bury a pot underground to prevent the rhizomes from spreading. Karli


Claudia's Journal said...

Cute-Cute picture of Samuel and Daddy!!

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