Friday, July 15, 2005

Today was a little stressful. I have been shopping around for an area rug, but everything is either overpriced for the quality or priced according to the high-quality, which means everything quality or no quality is very expensive. I don't want an expensive rug, because it will be Samuel's play area until we add on, and he will inevitably daily spit-up and maybe even poop on it. We went out shopping for one this evening after having dinner at Mike & Susan's, and I got upset, because Landon was less than enthusiastic about it, and I really wanted to get the rug situation solved right now. Anyway, it ended up being a stressful evening, we didn't get the rug, and I went to bed feeling tired & stressed out. Why does something like an area rug have to be so complicated? :( Karli


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