Thursday, July 28, 2005

These dusty millers are growing in every which way. Kind of resembles my stress at the moment. It is shooting around in all directions. I am stressed because the city is saying that the sewer for our house never underwent a sewer assessment. They are not even showing any records that sewer was ever hooked up to city lines on this property. We might be looking at about 10K to get this problem resolved. All we could do was go on a walk with Samuel and hope for the best. We are very stressed tonight, and so far, a lot of money is going out on this project for the designs, and more might be going out to resolve this sewer problem, and we haven't even started building yet! A second problem came up, also, when the current addition on this property came up on city records as showing that it was never inspected post-construction. Just great! We might have to pay to have it inspected now after all these years. This is something I'm going to be going after our title company for, because they should have caught this (I think) when we bought the house. :( So, my stress resembles these dusty millers tonight! Karli


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