Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Samuel and I went to a play-group today, which was a lot of fun, but getting there was another story! You'd think since it started at 1pm, that we would have had plenty of time this morning, but no! I explained yesterday how Samuel has become more and more demanding. I had to do the dishes this morning in shifts! Every 3-4 minutes, he would cry for me, even though he was on the floor at my feet. He wanted to be held non-stop today. I don't think he feels good. I gave him some baby Tylenol for his teething. I don't know that he is painful from teething, but he definitely acted today like he didn't feel good, and wanted me to hold him non-stop. I got a lot more accomplished once Landon got home and was able to hold Samuel. For some reason, Samuel wouldn't have the floor, his Exersaucer, his swing, or his crib. He only wanted to be in either my arms or in Landon's. Mary, the facilitator at my moms' group, says to hold them as much as you can now, even if it is wearisome, because they are not always going to want to be held, and you should treasure this time. I'm trying--I swear! Karli


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