Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I spent about an hour this morning looking for my cell phone, only to find out that it is in McMinnville! Has been since Sunday afternoon. Goes to show you how much I even use it. Landon and I are going to discontinue service on our cell phones when the contract expires this fall. Neither of us really use our phones, and it is a big expense. It's also so dangerous to use the cell while driving. I really don't need one. I'm at home now so much that the landline will work just fine. It was useful, however, when I was going to school f/t. Anyway, Samuel and I are now off to a playgroup. He was wide awake from 11 to 12am last night. He got up again at 1am, then at 2am. I didn't look at the clock the other times he awoke last night. I'm so tired! That's all I know at this point! Karli


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