Friday, July 01, 2005

Goodbye, June. Welcome, July!
I didn't feel very good today, and I'm not sure why! We went to a BBQ tonight at our friends Matty & Jody's house. It was a lot of fun, and they had invited a lot of their neighbors, which included Mike & Susan. We knew some of their neighbors through Mike & Susan, but also met some new faces. Landon plays music with Matty--and they just so happen to live around the corner from Mike & Susan. I didn't feel well at all at the BBQ, and almost left early a few times. I had my own car, because I had gone over to the east side early to hang out at Mike & Susan's before the BBQ. I had been up since about 6:30am, because I had been up doing things since Samuel had woken me up. I had gone to Trader Joe's, and also gone to see Landon at his work. There was a baby raccoon there that had literally wandered into the office! I don't have a picture, but in a perfect world (a world where raccoons were not vicious and rabid), I would have wanted to take a picture of Samuel holding the baby raccoon. :) Karli


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