Saturday, June 25, 2005

Woke up this morning and realized Landon had a flat tire. Gosh! After Landon got back from Les Schwab, we went to REI to look for a child carrier for Samuel. We ended up with the Kelty Kids Base Camp carrier, then came home to try it out, but it caused Landon a great deal of neck/shoulder pain, so we came back home. We were trying a trail head near our house, so we weren't far from home (luckily). In the evening, we decided to BBQ, because we were frustrated about the child carrier and just wanted to stay home. We called Mike & Tracy to see if they could come over, but they already had plans, so we called Mike & Susan, and they came over for BBQ'd hamburgers. Landon also grilled some potatoes with rosemary, and they were very good. Landon is starting to get the hang of the BBQ! Karli


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