Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, let's, I woke up at 6:30am, made coffee, left the house with Samuel at around 7:55am, drove to the dentist's office to get my crown re-adjusted from yesterday's root canal, then got some coffee, then drove to a doctor's appointment on the east side with my old family practitioner only to have to wait for an hour in the waiting room, then another fifteen minutes after the examination, which, by the way, was worthless. She just said, "Give it some time." Not really what you want to hear when you've been dealing with muscle loss for over four months. I think I've given it enough time already! After the doctor's appointment, we stopped by to see Susan for about a half-hour before going to the Moms' group. It's been a lonnnnnnnnnnng day! Tonight, I'm hoping to finish a project I am working on out in the yard. I am trying to lay newspaper around our circle where the plants are, covering it with about two inches of soil in order to kill the grass the cheap way. Roundup is SO expensive, and you risk killing nearby perennials. Karli


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