Monday, June 13, 2005

Today has been a bummer of a day! I am super stressed about mail that was stolen from our mailbox on June 6th. That was a week ago from today, and four bills have not cleared our checking account, and 3 Netflix DVD's are missing as well. Not to mention, I have a dentist appointment that I am stressed about tomorrow morning bright and early. I hate getting up at the crack of dawn--especially for the dentist! I've had too much dental work done in my life, and it causes me to feel anxious now when I have an appointment coming up. The grinder came this morning while I was nursing Samuel to grind our stump. He rolled his equipment right over my plants, crushing them, then didn't grind the entire root system growing above ground, so now he might have to come back and crush some more of my plants! I mowed the whole lawn today I was so frustrated. I'm so tired that you would think I would use Samuel's nap times to sleep myself, but no--I had to get outside and do something active to get my mind off the stress of our stolen mail! I'm going to take a long nap tomorrow after my dentist appointment. I have to pump all night so that Landon has milk for Samuel while I'm sitting in the chair tomorrow morning. This hasn't been the best day! --Karli


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