Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sunset from our porch. What a busy weekend we have. Today, we started the morning off by getting all our groceries for the week. Then, we rushed home and put the perishables away, then rushed to our friend Laurie's graduation party. We stayed for a few hours, and had a nice afternoon, meeting & talking with her and Damien's family members & friends. After this, we stopped at home just for a minute to pick up a Father's Day present for Mike, then went to the east side to have a Thai dinner with Mike & Susan in celebration of Father's Day. It was a nice meal, and the owner of the restaurant is very sweet & friendly. Afterwards, we went for a long walk near Reed College. Landon and I saw a house in that neighborhood that gave us hope for buying a bigger house on the east side. We still aren't completely sure if we'll move to the east side, but if we do, we like this neighborhood the best: 30th Avenue to the River (east to west) and Powell and Holgate (north to south). But, in the meantime, I'm still enjoying sunsets like this one from the west side, in our little 890 square foot house, because life is really about today--not about tomorrow or yesterday--and, today, we have a house on the west side with a big backyard with lots of opportunities for gardening. Karli


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