Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Root canals rock! I am now completely out of pain, and have zero temperature sensitivity in that tooth! If only I could get root canals in all my teeth, then I would never have pain in any teeth! These dentists make a fortune. The one that worked on me today raked in 1K for 45 minutes of work. If I made that much per 45 minutes, I could work 45 minutes per week and live pretty comfortably. Wouldn't that be great!? Instead, I have the 24/7 job of Motherhood, which doesn't pay-back financially, but is an investment that you can't put a dollar on. I'd sign up for my job as Mother to Samuel any day over doing root canals at 1K per 45 minutes! Above is a picture of Samuel today playing with his legs. Karli


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