Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Our mail was stolen on June 6th. Today, I had to open a new checking account, order new checks, call the four places of business I had mailed checks to and pay the bills over the phone & let them know about the stolen checks. Tonight, we are going to Home Depot to look at secure mailboxes, so now we get to spend more money because there are so many jerks in the world. I also had to call the credit bureau (Equifax), because Landon's SS # was stolen along with his name, address, phone, etc. This information was all on the check for his student loan, and on the coupon that went with the check. From now on, I will be paying those bills online. Equifax put a fraud alert on Landon's credit and on mine so that if anyone tries to apply for a credit card in Landon's name or in my name, the credit bureau will contact us via phone first. I also called our neighbors to alert them on the stolen mail. We will no longer be mailing outgoing mail curbside. Landon is taking mail to work with him that is outgoing.

I just feel like you try and try in life, and people are always there to screw you over!

I was just outside gardening, and a huge rain-cloud was hovering overhead, and of course, I said to myself that it would probably hold off (the rain) for awhile, but no--I just got out there and there was one drop then two, then I was getting drenched, so I am back inside.

Landon and I had dental appointments this morning--his was at 8am, and mine at 9am, so that we could take turns watching Samuel while the other one was getting their teeth cleaned. My molar broke off when I was 8 months pregnant with Samuel. They crowned it, but it never felt right, and I have only been able to chew on the left side of my mouth for the past six months. It turns out that it was not biting correctly, so they fixed that, and now I have to get my silver fillings from 20 years ago re-done, because they are turning "soft." Other than that, our teeth looked great. Afterwards, we ate at Park Avenue Cafe, because we were both starving since we had to wake up so early.

Aside from this stressful incident with the mail, we are doing great. Samuel is changing so much every day. This afternoon, I was nursing him to sleep, and he had just drifted off when he suddenly opened his eyes and laughed at me, then fell back to sleep. It was so cute! Right now, he is sleeping in his swing.


Hightechrider said...
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Hightechrider said...

Sorry to hear about your mail theft. Here's our experience with secure mailboxes ...

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