Thursday, June 02, 2005

Here is a picture of a typical sleeping arrangement in the mornings. Landon took this picture while getting ready for work. Somehow, Samuel and I end up in similar positions without even trying. Today was a long day. Samuel and I met Colleen and Cindy at Starbucks this morning, but the stroller got left in Landon's car, and now that Samuel is in the Britax, there is no infant carrier, so I held him in Starbucks the whole time (Colleen & Cindy helped). We came home for lunch, then rushed to Moms' group. It was an ordinary meeting, and when it came to Samuel & I, I talked about the change in the consistency of his poop and in the frequency. Never pictured myself doing that in a group setting, but, then, I never pictured myself doing a lot of things...such is life. Karli


Landon Kuhn said...

It's true. I was watching them again this morning. They were both lying on their backs with their right arms up and over their heads. Then Karli brought her arm down and rolled on to her side, and Samuel did exactly the same.

Claudia's Journal said...

So cute!! I think I would not get much sleep though thinking I would roll over on Baby Samuel. The picture looks very adorable though.

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