Friday, June 17, 2005

Another Friday of swimming with Samuel! Today was unusual in that Samuel fell asleep cold-turkey while we were swimming! Eventually, when he can understand me, I will explain to him that falling asleep while swimming is the same as stepping out into on-coming traffic--both are fatal! Samuel will have to learn one day that swimming when you are too tired is not the same as going for a walk when you are too tired. One cannot start doing an activity if there is even a remote chance of falling asleep on the job if the job that one is attempting to do could kill you if you were asleep while doing it. Okay, that was an awkward sentence. Anyway, back to Samuel--he was SO cute when he fell asleep. I stayed in the pool and talked with the other moms while he slept on my shoulder. Landon came home early, and we had a nice afternoon & evening together. Karli


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