Monday, June 27, 2005

Anniversary #3--June 27, 2005
Today was a hard day in the beginning. It poured ALL DAY literally! I had to go to Les Schwab to get my tire fixed (remember it was closed yesterday). I got soaking wet walking from Les Schwab to Fred Meyer while it was being worked on. All I wanted was to get a treat from Starbucks in the Fred Meyer to cheer myself up. I was not so cheery, because it is my anniversary, it is pouring down rain, and my tooth hurts to beat the band! Anyway, I ran into our neighbor on the way over there. He said he doesn't have the money right now to take out the poplars, which is just great, because they are threatening to crack and break off at any minute! Never plant poplars, people--they grow for 40 years, die, then fall over!

I sent Landon flowers to his work. They were delivered within 40 minutes after I ordered them. He loved them, and it made him very happy! So, mission accomplished!

When he came home, he had a nice fleece from REI, a tank-top, new shorts, socks, and a bunch of wildflowers! He also gave me a nice card, which I really liked and is now on our mantle. I gave Landon a card, then we went out to dinner, despite my painful tooth, and had a very nice time. I had a glass of wine--my first in over a year! That was a special treat! We both had a chicken dinner with great bread and dessert. I had bread pudding, and Landon had apple crisp. It was pouring cats & dogs after dinner, but we walked to Annie Bloom's anyway and got some new books. Landon got The Counte of Monte Cristo and I got a couple of gardening books and a novel called Three Junes. All in all, it was a pretty good anniversary, considering the tooth pain that I am in. We would have done more if my tooth was not in dire straits. I am set to have a root canal done on Wednesday early-morning.



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