Thursday, June 30, 2005

Well, let's, I woke up at 6:30am, made coffee, left the house with Samuel at around 7:55am, drove to the dentist's office to get my crown re-adjusted from yesterday's root canal, then got some coffee, then drove to a doctor's appointment on the east side with my old family practitioner only to have to wait for an hour in the waiting room, then another fifteen minutes after the examination, which, by the way, was worthless. She just said, "Give it some time." Not really what you want to hear when you've been dealing with muscle loss for over four months. I think I've given it enough time already! After the doctor's appointment, we stopped by to see Susan for about a half-hour before going to the Moms' group. It's been a lonnnnnnnnnnng day! Tonight, I'm hoping to finish a project I am working on out in the yard. I am trying to lay newspaper around our circle where the plants are, covering it with about two inches of soil in order to kill the grass the cheap way. Roundup is SO expensive, and you risk killing nearby perennials. Karli
Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Root canals rock! I am now completely out of pain, and have zero temperature sensitivity in that tooth! If only I could get root canals in all my teeth, then I would never have pain in any teeth! These dentists make a fortune. The one that worked on me today raked in 1K for 45 minutes of work. If I made that much per 45 minutes, I could work 45 minutes per week and live pretty comfortably. Wouldn't that be great!? Instead, I have the 24/7 job of Motherhood, which doesn't pay-back financially, but is an investment that you can't put a dollar on. I'd sign up for my job as Mother to Samuel any day over doing root canals at 1K per 45 minutes! Above is a picture of Samuel today playing with his legs. Karli
Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I visited my old co-workers today with Samuel, but by the time I was leaving, my tooth was killing me, and it had only been two hours since I had taken the last dose of medication. By 1pm, I had taken 6 Ibuprofins. I took half of a darvocet after that, because the pain still had not diminished. That seemed to do the trick. I'm not looking forward to sitting in the chair again tomorrow, but looking forward to (hopefully) feeling much better. Tomorrow still won't be the end of the road for me--dental trauma seems to be my destiny! After tomorrow, I still need to have the permanent crown seated and two more fillings replaced. Lovely! --Karli
Monday, June 27, 2005

Anniversary #3--June 27, 2005
Today was a hard day in the beginning. It poured ALL DAY literally! I had to go to Les Schwab to get my tire fixed (remember it was closed yesterday). I got soaking wet walking from Les Schwab to Fred Meyer while it was being worked on. All I wanted was to get a treat from Starbucks in the Fred Meyer to cheer myself up. I was not so cheery, because it is my anniversary, it is pouring down rain, and my tooth hurts to beat the band! Anyway, I ran into our neighbor on the way over there. He said he doesn't have the money right now to take out the poplars, which is just great, because they are threatening to crack and break off at any minute! Never plant poplars, people--they grow for 40 years, die, then fall over!

I sent Landon flowers to his work. They were delivered within 40 minutes after I ordered them. He loved them, and it made him very happy! So, mission accomplished!

When he came home, he had a nice fleece from REI, a tank-top, new shorts, socks, and a bunch of wildflowers! He also gave me a nice card, which I really liked and is now on our mantle. I gave Landon a card, then we went out to dinner, despite my painful tooth, and had a very nice time. I had a glass of wine--my first in over a year! That was a special treat! We both had a chicken dinner with great bread and dessert. I had bread pudding, and Landon had apple crisp. It was pouring cats & dogs after dinner, but we walked to Annie Bloom's anyway and got some new books. Landon got The Counte of Monte Cristo and I got a couple of gardening books and a novel called Three Junes. All in all, it was a pretty good anniversary, considering the tooth pain that I am in. We would have done more if my tooth was not in dire straits. I am set to have a root canal done on Wednesday early-morning.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Here is a list of the unfortunate things that happened to us today:
  • We forgot about our hair appointments, which were at 9am and 10am
  • Woke up to MY car having a FLAT TIRE
  • Drove to Les Schwab--it was CLOSED
  • Drove to Babies R'US--it was not OPENED YET
  • Drove to Starbucks--ran into some PBC friends, and I looked TERRIBLE
  • Fought bad traffic looking for a place to eat some lunch
  • Terrible McDonald's food (last resort, since we couldn't find anyplace else); fries were too salty, and burgers were slapped together and fell apart
  • Samuel screamed all the way home
  • My tooth pounded with pain ALL DAY
  • While at McDonald's, the machine malfunctioned and pop sprayed on my hand/arm
  • Came home, having had a FRUITLESS day with nothing but STRESS

Okay, I was able to remedy the first part of my day by leaving the house with only Samuel and meeting Sharla at our old house (1935) and touring it once again for an open house. It was so much fun walking through all the rooms that hold so many memories! We lived there from 97-99, and it was so cool to see it again. It was sold in 99 for under 200K, and is now on the market for 325K. Hard to believe. I'd buy it if I had the money, but I don't. After going through it, though, I realized that even if I had the money to buy it, it wouldn't recreate that time in my life. A house is just a frame--what happens inside the house is what matters!

By the time I got home, I was in a much better mood, and so was Landon. We stayed home all night. I did drive to Fred Meyer to get vanilla ice cream and root beer for root-beer floats, but that set my nerve off very intensely, so I spent the next hour in extreme pain. It's just been that kind of day!

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Woke up this morning and realized Landon had a flat tire. Gosh! After Landon got back from Les Schwab, we went to REI to look for a child carrier for Samuel. We ended up with the Kelty Kids Base Camp carrier, then came home to try it out, but it caused Landon a great deal of neck/shoulder pain, so we came back home. We were trying a trail head near our house, so we weren't far from home (luckily). In the evening, we decided to BBQ, because we were frustrated about the child carrier and just wanted to stay home. We called Mike & Tracy to see if they could come over, but they already had plans, so we called Mike & Susan, and they came over for BBQ'd hamburgers. Landon also grilled some potatoes with rosemary, and they were very good. Landon is starting to get the hang of the BBQ! Karli
Friday, June 24, 2005

Friday...again! Time just flies! I did not go to the swimming pool with Samuel today, but was on the east side. I met Sharla for a couple of hours at Starbucks, and we caught up. Then, I was walking around doing a little shopping with Samuel. I dropped his sandal somewhere, but later happened to see it on the sidewalk on my way home, so jumped out of the car to retrieve it! What luck! Actually, he has outgrown them already, but for our special baby #2, they will now be saved for him or her. I spent the rest of the afternoon over at Mike & Susan's. We watched a few episodes of Curb your Enthusiasm and an episode of Deadwood. Landon had to work until 8pm, so I just stayed over there, rather than go home alone. Landon came over for dinner after he got off work, then we went home. Very long day!
Thursday, June 23, 2005

I went to the moms' group this afternoon. One of the babies got scabies from a sick aunt! Very scary! Fortunately, Samuel was no where near this baby, so there is very little chance of him contracting it. Rain, rain, go away!
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, I sure went on a rant about dentists in yesterday's entry. Today, I am not going to leave the house, but I am going to stay home all day in order to re-coup and put my body & mind to rest as much as possible. My tooth is still bothering me, but the pain has diminished quite a bit from yesterday. I still can't even attempt to chew on that side (left side), so I'm resorting to chewing on my right side, which is sore from December's crown, but not even close to as sore as the left side. Samuel is soundly sleeping, but should be waking up at any minute. I spent about an hour last night watering the plants, only to have it rain all night. I haven't been paying attention to the weather forecast, because it seems like they are always wrong, so maybe it was in the forecast, but last night it seemed to be sunny & blue skies. I just hope this dental work comes to an end soon, but right now, it feels like I can't even see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will probably need two root canals, still need to get my permanent crown put on, and still have two more cavities that they need to replace from my childhood. At least I won't have the silver ones in any longer, but I don't know if I can take much more of this!!!
Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I hate dentists!
I spent over 2 hours in the dental chair this morning while they drilled and drilled and drilled and drilled. It was supposed to be a 30 minute appointment so they could replace two of my old fillings from childhood with new ones, but as it turns out, one of the fillings had decay around it, so by the time they finished drilling off the soft decay, my tooth was drilled down to the nerve, and a crown was necessary, so I had to spend another hour in the seat while they prepped my tooth for the temporary crown. I still can't chew on the right side of my mouth from a crown they put on in December. They adjusted it, but since I'm still feeling so sensitive, a root canal is probably in order, and the current crown they are working on is probably an inevitable root canal, because they had to drill so close to the nerve. I just want to scream. It feels like literally years of my life have been spent in the dental seat. I went through 2nd-highschool in braces, headgears, retainers, rubber bands, difficult flossing, etc., and countless appointments that I could have spent being a carefree child running through the playgrounds not even knowing what a dentist is, but NO, I spent and continue to spend appointment after appointment in pure torture and suffering. I would like to say it has been worth it, but I don't know that it has!!! And, P.S.--I hate the smell of a dentist office, too! When I was pregnant, it almost made me run for the nearest bathroom to get sick!
P.S.S. My mouth is throbbing in pain from the drilling. This has not been a very fun day!
Monday, June 20, 2005

Here is my Dad, examining his new BBQ that he received yesterday from my Mom. She got just the one that he wanted, complete with necessary hook-ups to their house. Very nice! In the background, you can barely see his old one, which will probably become Robby's now that my Dad has a new one.

Monday, Monday...the play-group came over this afternoon, which went pretty well. I think we all had a nice time, and the babies are definitely starting to interact with each other, which is fun to watch. Landon and I took it easy this evening and spent a couple of hours watching The Sopranos. Tomorrow, I have a much-dreaded dental appointment that has me feeling nervous and agitated.
Sunday, June 19, 2005

Father's Day, 2005

Isn't he a fine looking boy? Today was equally as busy as yesterday. We started off by trying to go to breakfast as a family in celebration of Father's Day. After going to the Original Pancake House and realizing that there was about an hour wait, we decided to head to Starbucks for coffee and a bagel. Just as we were about to sit down, Samuel had a blowout. There was poop everywhere! We changed his diaper outside around the corner from where other customers were sitting and enjoying their coffee. I don't know how it is possible for so much waste to come from a little baby's bottom, but I am here to tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE!! One soiled outfit, 2 poop-covered blankets, and a container of used wet-ones later, Samuel was as clean as we could get him under these circumstances and smiling and cooing in a new sleeper. By this time, we were both a little stressed, but things lightened up slightly after Landon opened his Father's Day gifts from Samuel and I. I bought him maps of Forest Park and a neat book about ghost towns of the Pacific Northwest. After this Starbucks escapade, we headed to McMinnville, and Samuel slept soundly the whole way. We had a nice afternoon in McMinnville, but everyone was a little too loud for my Dad, who is going through chemo & radiation currently and needs a little peace and quiet with everything that he is going through. All in all, however, it was a nice afternoon, and we had a nice day celebrating with my Dad. It was beautiful out, also! We got home at around 5pm, and I spent the rest of the night cleaning our house and preparing for play-group, which will be tomorrow afternoon at our house. Back to my fine-looking boy--he's growing like a weed! He is also trying to crawl now and is successful at scooting himself ever-so-slightly. Karli
Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sunset from our porch. What a busy weekend we have. Today, we started the morning off by getting all our groceries for the week. Then, we rushed home and put the perishables away, then rushed to our friend Laurie's graduation party. We stayed for a few hours, and had a nice afternoon, meeting & talking with her and Damien's family members & friends. After this, we stopped at home just for a minute to pick up a Father's Day present for Mike, then went to the east side to have a Thai dinner with Mike & Susan in celebration of Father's Day. It was a nice meal, and the owner of the restaurant is very sweet & friendly. Afterwards, we went for a long walk near Reed College. Landon and I saw a house in that neighborhood that gave us hope for buying a bigger house on the east side. We still aren't completely sure if we'll move to the east side, but if we do, we like this neighborhood the best: 30th Avenue to the River (east to west) and Powell and Holgate (north to south). But, in the meantime, I'm still enjoying sunsets like this one from the west side, in our little 890 square foot house, because life is really about today--not about tomorrow or yesterday--and, today, we have a house on the west side with a big backyard with lots of opportunities for gardening. Karli
Friday, June 17, 2005

Another Friday of swimming with Samuel! Today was unusual in that Samuel fell asleep cold-turkey while we were swimming! Eventually, when he can understand me, I will explain to him that falling asleep while swimming is the same as stepping out into on-coming traffic--both are fatal! Samuel will have to learn one day that swimming when you are too tired is not the same as going for a walk when you are too tired. One cannot start doing an activity if there is even a remote chance of falling asleep on the job if the job that one is attempting to do could kill you if you were asleep while doing it. Okay, that was an awkward sentence. Anyway, back to Samuel--he was SO cute when he fell asleep. I stayed in the pool and talked with the other moms while he slept on my shoulder. Landon came home early, and we had a nice afternoon & evening together. Karli
Thursday, June 16, 2005

I tried out the 10am moms' group today, and liked it a lot! April & Olin were there along with about 5 or 6 other moms, and it was a much smaller gathering than the afternoon one, so we all had time to talk and discuss. It was very nice! The above picture shows Samuel relaxed on the futon.
Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tonight, Landon and I worked on fixing the bed where the douglas fir tree used to be. Last week, a stump grinder came over and ground the stump into the ground. "Ground it to the ground"--sounds kind of weird, but I don't know how else to describe it. Anyway, afterwards, we went to the Dairy Queen, and Landon got a dipped cone, and I got a butterfinger blizzard. Samuel chattered all the way there and back. The above pictures shows how much he has grown in the past 4 months. Hard to believe, but he's almost outgrown the swing in the picture above. Karli
Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Our mail was stolen on June 6th. Today, I had to open a new checking account, order new checks, call the four places of business I had mailed checks to and pay the bills over the phone & let them know about the stolen checks. Tonight, we are going to Home Depot to look at secure mailboxes, so now we get to spend more money because there are so many jerks in the world. I also had to call the credit bureau (Equifax), because Landon's SS # was stolen along with his name, address, phone, etc. This information was all on the check for his student loan, and on the coupon that went with the check. From now on, I will be paying those bills online. Equifax put a fraud alert on Landon's credit and on mine so that if anyone tries to apply for a credit card in Landon's name or in my name, the credit bureau will contact us via phone first. I also called our neighbors to alert them on the stolen mail. We will no longer be mailing outgoing mail curbside. Landon is taking mail to work with him that is outgoing.

I just feel like you try and try in life, and people are always there to screw you over!

I was just outside gardening, and a huge rain-cloud was hovering overhead, and of course, I said to myself that it would probably hold off (the rain) for awhile, but no--I just got out there and there was one drop then two, then I was getting drenched, so I am back inside.

Landon and I had dental appointments this morning--his was at 8am, and mine at 9am, so that we could take turns watching Samuel while the other one was getting their teeth cleaned. My molar broke off when I was 8 months pregnant with Samuel. They crowned it, but it never felt right, and I have only been able to chew on the left side of my mouth for the past six months. It turns out that it was not biting correctly, so they fixed that, and now I have to get my silver fillings from 20 years ago re-done, because they are turning "soft." Other than that, our teeth looked great. Afterwards, we ate at Park Avenue Cafe, because we were both starving since we had to wake up so early.

Aside from this stressful incident with the mail, we are doing great. Samuel is changing so much every day. This afternoon, I was nursing him to sleep, and he had just drifted off when he suddenly opened his eyes and laughed at me, then fell back to sleep. It was so cute! Right now, he is sleeping in his swing.
Monday, June 13, 2005

Today has been a bummer of a day! I am super stressed about mail that was stolen from our mailbox on June 6th. That was a week ago from today, and four bills have not cleared our checking account, and 3 Netflix DVD's are missing as well. Not to mention, I have a dentist appointment that I am stressed about tomorrow morning bright and early. I hate getting up at the crack of dawn--especially for the dentist! I've had too much dental work done in my life, and it causes me to feel anxious now when I have an appointment coming up. The grinder came this morning while I was nursing Samuel to grind our stump. He rolled his equipment right over my plants, crushing them, then didn't grind the entire root system growing above ground, so now he might have to come back and crush some more of my plants! I mowed the whole lawn today I was so frustrated. I'm so tired that you would think I would use Samuel's nap times to sleep myself, but no--I had to get outside and do something active to get my mind off the stress of our stolen mail! I'm going to take a long nap tomorrow after my dentist appointment. I have to pump all night so that Landon has milk for Samuel while I'm sitting in the chair tomorrow morning. This hasn't been the best day! --Karli
Sunday, June 12, 2005

Here is a picture of Samuel & Olin. Olin was born 10 days before Samuel, so they are really close in age. We were at a BBQ with the moms & dads today from Samuel's playgroup. It was a fun evening, but we left right before the mosquitos came out! Landon still managed to get bitten once, though. :( Karli
Saturday, June 11, 2005

This morning, Landon got up bright & early and made the two pasta salads for this weekend. One is for Mike & Susan's party, and the other is for the BBQ with the moms tomorrow. We spent the afternoon visiting my parents--my Dad is doing pretty good! He is feeling nauseated off and on from the chemo & radiation, though. Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day at Mike & Susan's house for their summer party. It was a fun evening. Here is a picture of Samuel with his Grandma Susie. Karli
Friday, June 10, 2005

Landon took the afternoon off work and came to see Samuel swim! He likes the water. Here is a picture of Samuel in his Children by the Sea speedo.

Afterwards, the three of us spent the late afternoon at Multnomah Falls & Crown Point. It was a nice afternoon! Samuel gave us a hard time on the way home, though, so we had to spend an extra hour in Troutdale trying to calm him down until we could continue home. --Karli
Thursday, June 09, 2005

Samuel and I went to the moms' group earlier this afternoon, then in the evening, we went with Landon down to the Goose Hollow neighborhood and looked around. Here is a picture of the Portland skyline from the bridge we crossed in that neighborhood.

Samuel had his 4-month shots this morning. He was a brave boy, and hardly cried at all! He did cry for a few minutes, but was quickly soothed when I held him afterwards. I always nurse him after his shots to calm him down and help take his mind off the painful experience. Samuel is 18lbs. 7oz., and 27 3/4 inches long. What a big boy! Samuel Landon is growing big and strong. His pediatrician said he looks as good as a 4 month old could possibly look! --Karli
Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Today Samuel & I went to his play-group. It was a nice afternoon, and we stayed for a few hours. Here is a picture of Samuel with his little girlfriend, Mason Ashlie. Karli
Tuesday, June 07, 2005

We had the douglas fir tree removed today from the side of our house. We did this so we can now level the ground near the house and prevent water from pooling up along the side. The fir tree was definitely not an asset. To the left, you will see the poplar trees that will hopefully be removed soon by our next door neighbor. They are leaning towards our house, and we're hoping he removes them soon. All it will take is a wind gust to snap those things off. Today, Samuel and I are going to stay home all day and get the house in order. I'm going to make lasagne tonight with bread rolls. Karli
Monday, June 06, 2005

Samuel is a growing boy and will be four months old on Thursday. Wow, time flies! Today, Samuel & I went to a playgroup at 1pm, and came back home at 3pm. Samuel was interacting with some of the other infants, and it was cute to watch. Karli
Sunday, June 05, 2005
Other than going to Fred Meyer to get groceries, Landon and I stayed in today. It was raining off and on all day. In the afternoon, during Samuel's nap, we went outside and planted some plants we bought at Fred Meyer today. Our yard is starting to look really nice. Of course, gardens look even better with age, so as time goes on, I'm hoping it will look better & better.
Saturday, June 04, 2005

Today we spent the morning working out in the yard weeding, putting down slug bait, & casaron. Our neighbors invited us over for dinner, making up for the property-line dispute they had started. Since she is from Louisiana, she made a Cajun crawfish dish w/ sausage on the side. It was pretty good. She made an angel food cake for dessert. Everything seems to be cool now between us & our neighbors, thank goodness!
Friday, June 03, 2005
I took Samuel swimming again today, and I'm really glad I did. Even though it takes some effort to get out the door and to the swimming pool, I'm always glad afterwards that I went. Samuel really seems to enjoy the water, and it is relaxing for me as well. I'm hoping that Landon can come either next week or the week after to take some pictures of us in the water. Landon and I were both pretty tired tonight, so we stayed in and watched a movie. Karli
Thursday, June 02, 2005

Here is a picture of a typical sleeping arrangement in the mornings. Landon took this picture while getting ready for work. Somehow, Samuel and I end up in similar positions without even trying. Today was a long day. Samuel and I met Colleen and Cindy at Starbucks this morning, but the stroller got left in Landon's car, and now that Samuel is in the Britax, there is no infant carrier, so I held him in Starbucks the whole time (Colleen & Cindy helped). We came home for lunch, then rushed to Moms' group. It was an ordinary meeting, and when it came to Samuel & I, I talked about the change in the consistency of his poop and in the frequency. Never pictured myself doing that in a group setting, but, then, I never pictured myself doing a lot of things...such is life. Karli
Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Welcome, June
Not a great way to start off a new month! Our neighbors really showed a side today that was difficult to see & experience! They started a property line dispute with us, and to tell you the truth, I'm not up to going down this road right now. It's a long story, and I've already told it enough times that when I re-read this post a few years down the road, I'm sure I will still remember the original story, and hopefully by then, I'll be able to laugh about it instead of feel my blood pressure elevate just by thinking about it!

Samuel and I went to a playgroup this afternoon, but other than that, the day was dominated with talk & thoughts about our not-so-friendly neighbors. Karli
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