Sunday, May 22, 2005

We got a new charcoal BBQ!! Landon calls it a grill, but I grew up calling it a BBQ, so that is what I will call it here. I not only use BBQ as a noun, but also as a verb. Here is an example: Tonight, I BBQ'd (verb) hamburgers for Landon and I. They turned out really good. The BBQ (noun) is a good way to cook beef. The weather today was so up and down. One minute it would be blue skies & sunny, the next dark, grey, and pouring cats & dogs. Somehow, we managed to lay a two stone path that extends from our sidewalk. We bought the two large Arizone flagstones from Oregon Decorative Rock. It sure looks nice. I'll post a picture of the path in tomorrow's entry. Ciao--Karli


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