Monday, May 23, 2005

Today was a beautiful day outside, but started out in a nightmarish way when in my fogginess of before-morning-coffee I downloaded a worm into our computer, which e-mailed itself to everyone in my MSN contact list! For more information about this horrible worm, go here:
Samuel was very fussy all day today. He is asleep now, but I'm wondering if his extreme fussiness may be the beginning of some kind of movement within his gums from his baby teeth. We went to playgroup today, but I had to stop for 30 minutes on the way to sooth him, and he was fussy while we were there. Out of about 9 women, Samuel is the only boy! He's going to have lots of female playmates. In the other playgroup we go to, he is only one of two boys, and the rest are all girls. I guess there was a string of girls around the time Samuel was born, so there are only about 3 boys in the moms' group that I go to. I'm going to have to work harder to find Samuel some other boys to play with! Karli


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