Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Samuel and I went to get some groceries at Trader Joe's this afternoon, and stopped at Starbucks for about ten minutes, during which Samuel fell sound asleep.

This morning was exciting, because Samuel rolled over five times! The first time caught me by surprise, as I was out of the room when he rolled over, but he showed me how he did it four more times, and has yet to do it again.

Tonight I mowed the front yard, which only took about ten minutes, and spread two wheelbarrow's worth of compost on the dead lawn on the way to the Tuff Shed. That was enough work for me.

I've been reading this book by Anne Lamott that is pretty good. I stayed up until 1am last night reading it after I had put Samuel down for the night. The book is called Operating Instructions: A Journal of my Son's First Year.


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