Sunday, April 24, 2005

We spent the afternoon down in McMinnville today, which was bright & sunny in comparison to Portland, where it was grey & rainy today.

My Dad looked pretty good. He is fighting an infection, but otherwise seems to be doing great.

In other news, my friend Jen is expecting her second baby! I'm so excited for her and Matt!

I made chocolate chip cookies tonight, but put too much butter in, so they ended up flat & buttery. I don't know why I tried to use up the rest of the butter in the tub. Something inside me didn't want to put the tub back into the frig with only a small amount of butter in it. So, I deserved flat & buttery cookies, because I knew what I was doing when I did it!

On the other hand, Landon made a delicious shrimp curry this evening! I prepared the shrimp (cleaned, de-shelled, & de-veined), and he did the rest--it turned out great, so we have yet another good recipe to add to our growing collection of favorites!! Karli


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