Wednesday, April 27, 2005

My parents visited our house on their way back from my Dad's doctor's appointment. It was a short visit, and I was glad to hear my Dad had his feeding tube removed! Good news!

Later this afternoon, I took Samuel to The Picture People to have his pictures taken. One, in particular, turned out really nice! I was really excited about it.

Landon sprayed Roundup on our lawn this evening. We'll see how that goes...we are trying to build a path to the tuff shed (yes, tuff is spelled 'tuff' on this label).

This evening, Landon took Samuel & I to Dairy Queen for blizzards. No, Samuel did not get one. We ate them at Gabriel Park.

Tonight, there was thunderstorms at around 9pm. Very soothing to the ear.

It has been a good day all in all.



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