Monday, April 04, 2005
My Dad made it through major surgery today. He had to have the Whipple procedure, because he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about two weeks ago. It was a major surgery, and he was under for about 11 hours, but my Dad remained stable throughout the surgery, and did great. He did not even need a blood transfusion, because he did not lose too much blood. My Dad woke up from anesthesia and was making jokes and in good spirits. Samuel and I were at the hospital for about 13 hours. We left before my Dad came out of recovery. I’m so relieved the doctor was able to perform this surgery, because there was a chance that he wouldn’t do it if he got in there and saw that the cancer had spread too far. So, my Dad has made it through the first and maybe the biggest hurdle of this illness. The next step will be chemo.



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