Tuesday, April 05, 2005
I was so exhausted today. I was still soundly sleeping with Samuel at 10:15am when my doorbell rang. I ran to the door and unlocked it, and it was my good friends Jen & Sharla. They brought me a vanilla latte, doughnuts, and some foot therapy lotions. They stayed for awhile, and I appreciated their visit so much. It really lifted my spirits after being at the hospital all day yesterday. They held Samuel while I took a shower & got ready to go back to the hospital to see my Dad. I couldn’t take Samuel into the ICU, so my Mom stayed with him in the waiting room while I visited my Dad for about 5 minutes. He was really sleepy from the morphine, so I didn’t stay long. Landon and I are going to go see him tomorrow night with Samuel once he’s been moved from the ICU. Once I got home from the hospital, I was so tired & fighting a pounding headache. I slept for about an hour and a half with Samuel until Landon got home. We went to The House of Teriyaki for dinner, then came home and had some coffee. Landon thought it would help my headache, and it did. We gave Samuel a bath and had a relaxing evening. Landon played his fiddle for Samuel, and I folded laundry. We watched Law & Order: SVU right before we went to bed. We all slept soundly. --Karli


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