Wednesday, March 30, 2005
My Mom & Dad met with the surgeon late this afternoon, and on their way back, met my sister Tracy & her husband Mike, and Samuel and I at Newport Bay. My Dad was really having a hard time with what the surgeon had said about his diagnosis. They have decided to have the surgery early next week. The surgery is really extensive, and we are all nervous & scared about it. I’m still in shock about my Dad’s diagnosis. Some days it really hits me, and I have a hard time being strong, then other days, I feel hopeful about it. I’m just trying to take this day by day.

While I was at Newport Bay, Janssen & Landon played Nintendo. When I got home, we all three watched Napoleon Dynamite. It was the second time Landon and I have watched it, but it was just as funny the second time around. It helped having company over when I got home from Newport Bay, because I was pretty upset after seeing my Dad upset after he had just come from the surgeon’s office.



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