Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Landon forgot his lunch today, so Samuel and I stopped at Starbucks and got him a venti americano w/ half-and-half, then took him his lunch. Samuel only whimpered a little on the way, but otherwise slept. After leaving Landon's work, Samuel and I stopped by Fred Meyer. I pushed the stroller with one hand while carrying a red basket in the other. I got a few groceries, a thank-you card for Tracy for taking me to the doctor, then came home. I spent the rest of the evening feeding Samuel, bathing him, changing his diaper, and now Landon is holding him as he is sleeping soundly. Soon, I need to wake him up and feed him one last time before we go to bed for the night. I can usually expect him to sleep for a four hour stretch and a three hour stretch at night. We usually take a morning nap after Landon leaves for work, also. Samuel is a good boy, and is growing fast and strong.


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