Sunday, March 06, 2005

Landon finished re-painting the kitchen today. It looks great! Behind the refrigerator, he left a message for someone to discover someday--L.K.S. '05 which stands for Landon, Karli, and Samuel. I would have preferred the blue paint to cover the wall behind the refrigerator, even though no one will ever see it, but Landon didn't see the point. The fact that it isn't painted behind the refrigerator goes against my Type-A personality, but I'm going with the flow, because I'm not the painter, and it's the painter's call, after all. Anyway, the kitchen looks GREAT! I'm really happy with the change in atmosphere in the kitchen. The blue color really brightens the room a lot. Tomorrow, Landon is going to paint the living room a creamish-earth tone called ROPE. He is painting over the reddish-marroon color that is in there currently. This will brighten up the living room a lot, and we're both looking forward to this. --Karli


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