Monday, February 14, 2005
It's been four days since I gave birth to Samuel, and I've lost 30lbs. already! Landon called this morning and made Samuel's first appointment with his pediatrician, and our appointment with the lactation clinic. Last night was difficult. Samuel was up almost all night in discomfort from gas. At about 2am, Landon called the advice nurse, and she gave us some hints. Since we had visitors all day yesterday, we were up all night tonight on no sleep. It was really hard to stay calm with a screaming infant when your body feels like collapsing. Somehow, though, we made it through, and by about 5am, Samuel fell asleep, and Landon and I did also.

Throughout today, we took advantage of every hour that Samuel slept to sleep ourselves. Somehow, our bodies are coping extremely well during this time of sleep deprivation. It has been a big help with my Mom, Tracy, and Miriam, who have all brought over meals. Landon has been a huge help, also, by keeping the house in ship-shape order, keeping a bottle of water by my side at all times, and getting our meals ready. We are enjoying being parents, and working together as a team to help make this transition go as smoothly as possible.

This is Valentine's Day--the day that Landon proposed to me three years ago. Now, we have a little son--Samuel. Valentine's Day will always be a happy time of year for us, because it is the day we got engaged, and now the time of year we will celebrate the birth of our son.


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