Saturday, February 05, 2005
I had a rough morning. Had a hard time getting out of bed, and was feeling overwhelmed by the pregnancy and wondering when it would ever end. Mike & Susan came over in the afternoon, and we went to a Bento place nearby, then went to Gabriel Park and went for a short walk with Gay. I thought I kept up pretty well on the walk. Gay had her dogs with her, so that helped keep everyone at a slower pace as well. For the rest of the day, Landon and I stayed home. Landon fell asleep when we got home, and I went for another walk by myself around the neighborhood. I experienced some sharp pains, and some irregular contractions. I was gone for about 40 minutes, and when I got home, the pains & contractions stopped. Landon and I watched The Office. We got to bed pretty late. Both of us had a lot of trouble sleeping. I probably only got three hours of sleep, and Landon didn't get much more than that.



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