Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Barbara wanted to come and visit today, but we had to say no, because last night was another sleepless night. Samuel still thinks day is night and night is day. In-utero, babies tend to be more active at night, and sleep more during the day when the mother is active. The mother's activities lull the baby to sleep. It will take time, but Samuel will start to sleep more at night. We do not believe in the "cry-it-out" approach. It goes against the laws of nature, and breaks down the lines of communication. A baby's only way of communicating its needs is by crying, and when a parent does not respond to its cries, it cannot trust or depend on that parent. Dr. Sears advocates for co-sleeping, and this is something Landon and I are practicing. We do not let Samuel cry for long. We are quick to respond to his needs, and by doing so, Samuel has learned he can depend on us to be there when he needs us.



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