Monday, February 07, 2005
40 Weeks Pregnant--One Day Past-Due
Woke up this morning feeling congested with a cough. I'm pretty upset about this. Don't know where I could have picked it up, as I am hardly out of the house these days. I've been drinking apple juice all morning, and have hardly been out of bed, because I feel weak and under-the-weather. I can't be sick for labor & delivery! I have to get better! I'm not having a very good day because of this, and there is no sign that the baby is going to arrive any time soon. So, mentally and physically, I'm feeling pretty low. I'm now over-due, so growing a little impatient. I've had light contractions all morning, but they haven't built up, and continue to be irregular. I see my doctor tomorrow morning. I'm not expecting any changes, and I still have another week to go before we'll discuss inducement. I really don't want an induction, so I'm hoping for labor to occur naturally. We'll see--right now, I can only take things one day at a time.



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