Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Since I didn't sleep much last night, I took a 2 hour nap this morning. When I woke up, I got ready to take Priscilla to the vet. I'm trying to get things like this out of the way before the baby gets here. We're trying to find a new vet, but for now, I still drive the cats to Clackamas Banfield. The vet was at lunch, so I had to wait in the car out in the parking lot for over an hour. I used that time to catch up on some phone calls to people I haven't called for awhile. Anyway, Priscilla won't have to go to the vet again until September or so of this year, so hopefully, I'll find a new vet by then that is a little closer to us. I'm really picky about vets for our cats, though, so finding a new one might be a bigger job than I think it will. Anyway, I got home at around 3pm. Landon and I are going to go to Pizzacato tonight for dinner, then we'll come home and try to get a decent night of sleep. --Karli


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