Thursday, January 20, 2005
Inauguration of President Bush for a 2nd term--so, his name made it into our baby book, because he will be the President when our baby is born. He'll probably be President when our 2nd child is born, too, since he'll be in office for another four years.

I met with Millie's husband, Mike, this morning to discuss adding on to our house. If we can get the ball rolling now, we're hoping to have the addition by this summer. It will give us more room, and will give Landon a place to practice music, as well as an office.

I met Landon for lunch, so we could discuss our options with the addition. I was pretty tired today--I had no where near the energy that I had yesterday.

I don't like sleeping away from Landon, but I've had to sleep in the living room for awhile now, because it is the only place where I can sleep and not suffer from back pain.



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