Thursday, January 13, 2005
I went to my 36 week appointment today. My last lab test during pregnancy was done today--the Group Beta culture. I dropped Landon off at work, then came home, picked up Miriam's birthday present (our birthdays are only about 12 days apart, and we were born in the same year), then went to meet Miriam and my sister Tracy at OHSU's School of Nursing for lunch. I was SO exhausted after being up all night last night with back pain. After I got home, I slept hard for about two hours, then did some things around the house before leaving to go pick up Landon from work. We went to Haggen to get some dinner, then headed to Lamaze. We brought cookies--other people at the class brought other things. We had lots of different things to snack on. Most of what they teach at Lamaze is review for me. I know a lot already about pregnancy & childbirth, and have read at least 15 books on the topic. I was interested in it before I even got pregnant, and have become even more interested after getting pregnant. So, it is a lot of review for me. Next week, we are going to work on more pain mgmt. techniques. After we got home, we went to bed, but like usual, could not fall asleep, so around 1am, we both finally drifted off. --Karli


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